Developer Resources

Mobile apps are a great way to reach your users, giving them freedom to explore and interact while on the go.  Before getting started with development, you probably should ask yourself, or your department, a few questions:

  • Do we need a mobile app?
  • Should we create a native app, a GuideBook app or should we create a mobile-optimized web page?
  • What will be the main functions of the app?
  • Do we want to publish the app for iPhone, Android or both?
  • Who will maintain and update the app for new mobile OS versions?

Once you have answered these questions and are ready to get started, here are some resources to help you:


Mobile Design and Marketing


iOS Mobile Development


Android Mobile Development


Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web development follows many of the same guidelines as does standard Web development. There are many tutorials on mobile Web design, and if you are using Drupal or WordPress, there are plug-ins you can install that will make your existing site look optimized for mobile.  If you have questions regarding mobile Web development, you can consult the NC State Web Developers group or email